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Not to be confused with Barron County, the city of Barron is a small yet thriving Western Wisconsin town that acts as the county seat to Barron County, which was named in honor of Henry D. Barron—a Wisconsin lawyer and politician who eventually served as a judge on the Eleventh Judicial Circuit. Home to around 3,500 people, Barron is one of those quiet and small communities that almost feels like a time warp when walking or driving around the downtown streets, even after all these years of inevitable change and growth.

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Barron’s Location

The one main drag trough town, Division Avenue, is also Highway 8, which runs almost directly through the middle of the Western Wisconsin region and into the nearby towns of Cameron, Weyerhaeuser, and Bruce to the east, and Turtle Lake, Taylor Falls, and Forest Lake to the west. Barron also lies just off Highway 53, providing Barron, WI home owners with easy access to one of the area’s largest cities, Eau Claire, WI.

Barron Real Estate

Barron is certainly one of Western Wisconsin’s more affordable communities, as the median home value here is normally well-below the median home value seen throughout all of Barron County. Look for many entry level homes to be priced under $100,000, while many of Barron’s most expensive properties listed on the market tend to top of somewhere close to $300,000. The few exceptions you might find, however, are brand new construction or home that also included lots of acreage, which might exceed the $300,000 price point. although probably not by much.

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