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Glenwood City is a small, St. Croix County town that lies along Highway 128 and Highway 170. Developed back in the late 1800s thanks to the railroad and the area’s thriving lumber industry, Glenwood eventually became one of the area’s busiest trading centers. By the late 1890s and early 1900s, many of Glenwood’s forests were depleted and locals then turned to the farming industry, which still plays a major role in the current lifestyle of many local homeowners today.

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Glenwood City’s Location

The city of Glenwood, WI is situated on St. Croix County’s far east side, almost pushed up against its border. As mentioned above, two of the busier highways in the county travel through Glenwood City, one of which directly connects to Interstate 94 just a few miles south of town. Although part of the neighboring Dunn County, the village of Downing sits just a few minutes east of Glenwood City with the village of Boyceville just a few minutes beyond that

Glenwood City Real Estate

Glenwood City has a distinct country feel to it, but the housing landscape here is surprisingly diverse. Closer to downtown Glenwood City is a nice mix cottage style homes and historic residences that can easily be considered among the more desirable properties you’ll find on the Glenwood City real estate market. Outside of town is where potential home buyers will find an assortment of farm houses, and even the homes that don’t fall into the farming category still sit on larger parcels with anywhere from two to four acres in many instances. Older homes that were built back in the early 1900s and sit somewhere along the downtown streets can sometimes be found for under $100,000, while newer construction houses and houses that also provide lots of open acreage in Glenwood City can price anywhere from $250,000 to over $500,000.

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