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Sometimes referred to as the heart of St. Croix County, home owners and local residents already living in Hammond, WI will be the first to tell you there’s a lot of truth in that nickname. Offering potential home buyers a quiet rural atmosphere that’s combined with a tight-knit community feel, there’s a lot of reasons to love the idea of one day calling the Hammond area home. Its convenient location near numerous major highways and easy access to so many outdoor amenities and attractions remains two of the top reasons, but the list certainly doesn't stop there.

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Hammond’s Location

The village of Hammond lies just north of Interstate 94 right along Highway 12 between the village of Baldwin and the village of Roberts. The Minneapolis-St. Paul metro area only lies about 30 minutes from Hammond, so even though you’ll be living right in the heart of the Western Wisconsin countryside, know that plenty of big city amenities and attractions are also only a short drive away.

Hammond Real Estate

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the village of Hammond covers nearly 34 square miles. But given only about 950 people currently call this St. Croix County village home, you can bet Hammond is a great place to begin any home search that also involves lots of open land or acreage. In recent years, new construction has picked up a bit around the Hammond area, especially close to town, but farmhouses, both new and old, still occupy a significant portion of the local housing market, which list anywhere from the low to mid $100s to sometimes over $600,000 if we’re talking about a sprawling rural home that includes a dozen or so acres.

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