Real Estate in Shell Lake WI

Shell Lake, WI is a tiny Western Wisconsin town that has a whole lot to offer despite having a population of just 1,300 people. Located along Highway 63 just south of the Highway 253 junction, much of the Shell Lake lifestyle revolves around the lake in which the city gets its name, which is exactly how most residents here prefer it. Shell Lake is also the acting county seat of Washburn County, Wisconsin, which because of its charming small town flavor often comes as a surprise to many out-of-town home buyers who aren’t quite as familiar with the area.

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Shell Lake’s Location

Given Washburn County is one of the more rural parts of Western Wisconsin, there isn’t a whole lot outside of the town limits, aside from lots of open space and farmland of course. Nearby communities include Beaver Brook, Chicago Junction, Spooner, and Sarona, but when it comes to community amenities and things to do, most people from those small towns travel over to Shell Lake rather than the other way around. Highway 53 isn’t far from the Shell Lake community, which also gives residents a quick, easy, and direct route to Eau Claire, which is about an hour and twenty minutes away.

Shell Lake Area Homes for Sale

With the beautiful 2,580 acre lake sitting adjacent to downtown Shell Lake, homes, cottages, and cabins along the waterfront are easily among the most highly sought after properties on the Shell Lake real estate market. Believe it or not, it’s also not that uncommon to find a few newly developed cabins with between three and five bedrooms and roughly 4,000 to 5,000 square feet of living space on the market for close to $800,000, which some home buyers may not expect from such a small community. For buyers much more of a budget, however, you shouldn’t have too much trouble finding a variety of desirable options in the $200,000 to $300,000 price range, while plenty of starter homes for sale in Shell Lake also start well under $100,000.

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